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Technically I’m adjusting to life with 2 kids under 1.5. And yes, that half a year makes a difference.

I’ve been asked how I am doing a lot lately (along with “was that planned”?! But we’ll get into that some other time). I guess people realize having two kids so close together is a little crazy. Impossible, no. Hard, absolutely. My answer, in my cheeriest voice possible is always, “It’s hard but we’re finally adjusting”! Here is what I think the hardest part of having two kids under two is.

1. Baby #2 is a big cuddler

Like she won’t sleep anywhere but my arms during day cuddler. (Although she sleeps perfectly fine through the night so I don’t know how that works). This makes it hard for me to do anything for baby #1 because the only time my arms are free is the hour in between feeding and nap time. And tbh, I’ll get a little selfish here and say as cute as she is I kind of get tired of holding her ALL day!

2. If you have a toddler under 1.5 then you know they don’t wait for food

They give you about a 5.2 second warning after telling you (aka whining) before they explode. And if it happens to happen while I’m breastfeeding #2 or rocking her to sleep…well you can use your imagination on that one. Oh, and don’t even think about trying to feed yourself.

3. Grocery shopping

What if the baby starts crying? What if my toddler throws a fit? What if the baby gets hungry? Where do I fit the groceries???

4. By far, one of the hardest things for me is wondering if I could have given my son a better life had we not gotten pregnant so soon.

Every time he holds his hands up in the air for me to pick him up when I’m rocking his sister to sleep. Every time he gets hurt and needs me to comfort him while I’m nursing my daughter. Every time he brings a book to me to read and I have to tell him “not now”. Knowing that he needs me and that I can’t be there for him all the time is hard.

5. But, hands down, the absolute hardest thing? After all the crying, tantrums, spit up, and diaper changes, is trying to describe the overwhelming love you have for both of those crazy kids.


5 hardest two under two