I have a new passion project — helping other moms become a mompreneur. Let me explain more.

If I can become a mompreneur, you can too. Start your journey to gaining financial freedom while not missing a minute with your kids. 

I have never been one of those girls to dream about their wedding or dream about having kids. I mean I always assumed I would get married and have kids, but it wasn’t at the top of my list. I did, however, dream of my career. I didn’t have one specific career in mind of what I wanted to do, but it was always fun for me to think ahead.

After I had kids, that all changed. I no longer wanted to work long hours away from my family, but instead wanted to be there with my kids every day. I couldn’t bear the thought of dropping my kids off at daycare. I was nearly brought to tears thinking that my children might spend more awake time with a stranger than they would with their parents. I go more into more detail in this post.

So I knew that I wanted to be home with my children, but had no idea how that would work out financially. I mean, it’s great to know that you want to be a stay at home mom, it’s another thing completely to make it happen financially. Going from two incomes to one income is a huge deal.

Cue my superhero husband. The same husband that started saving the minute we found out I was pregnant so I could take a full 12 weeks maternity leave. We canceled some monthly memberships and downgraded some of our other monthly bills (sorry about your ESPN package dear husband).

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When all the numbers were crunched, we ended up being able to make it work! It would be tight, but we would survive. We would actually have to stick to a budget, but we were all in if it meant that I could stay home with my kids.

Being a stay at home mom was great. I loved being with my children through every milestone. But something was still missing. That desire to accomplish something more was still with me. But was it even possible to be a stay at home mom and still do something with my career? I mean, I still had dreams of being able to take my kids on vacation and I hated worrying about money every month.

So I decided to be a mompreneur. That’s right, a mom and an entrepreneur. It’s not easy, but it’s been an amazing journey. I’ve been a blogger, freelance writer, virtual assistant, social media manager, and blog manager. And I know there will be more! I never imagined having financial freedom while still being present in my kids’ life 100%. And now that I know it’s possible, I want to help make it possible for every other mom who has the desire to be home with their kids.

I probably get asked about how I was able to become a work at home mom more than any other question. So I’ve created a Facebook group — Become A Mompreneur. We discuss legit work at home job opportunities and I give all out tips on how you can become a mompreneur too. There are also so many other work at home moms in the group and it’s really a community to help each other out! Where do I find work opportunities? What can I do with my skills? How do I find the time to be a stay at home mom and become a mompreneur? We even talk about life together as moms.

If I can become a mompreneur and stay home with my kids, you can too.

Join my Facebook Group here and start your journey to becoming a mompreneur a gaining financial freedom while not missing a minute with your kids.

If I can become a mompreneur, you can too. Start your journey to gaining financial freedom while not missing a minute with your kids. 

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