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involving children in household chores with hefty

My two year old son absolutely loves to help out around the house. Most of the time I don’t know that I would even call it “helpful”, but I have to remember that he just wants to help! Plus he’s pretty cute when he tries to be a big boy! Although it’s not always quick or easy when I involve him in the household chores, I often let him try anyways because I know it’s teaching him responsibility. I also remind myself that I am going to want him help someday, and it will probably be a lot harder to convince him to help me! There are certain things that I always allow him to help me with, and it makes him feel important.

1. Throwing Trash Away with Hefty

My son knows exactly where the trash can is, and he know how to open the closet door where the trash can is held. When we eat a snack or open a package, he is always very eager to get the trash as soon as we are finished and throw it away! Sometimes I will even find him picking up other trash on the ground and throwing it away without even being asked! Those are times when he is actually being helpful, and when he’s being cute!

He also likes to be involved in every part of the trash, including taking the trash out. He isn’t always super helpful at this task, but I still let him give me a hand. I would love to have the help of John Cena instead, but I guess this little guy will have to do. For this reason we like to use Hefty Ultra Strong for our kitchen trash bags. With their active tear resistant technology for superior strength, I don’t have to worry about him tearing the bag, since he’s so strong! I love that it has Arm & Hammer patented odor neutralizer, because some of the trash doesn’t really smell the best. And to top off their exceptional performance (Hefty’s best kitchen bag ever), they are now at a new low price (cheaper than Glad). I try to save a few bucks whenever I can.

involving children in household chores with hefty

2. Putting Away His Toys

I will admit that I am a very organized person, and it seems to have worn off on my son. He enjoys making a mess when he can, but he also enjoys putting things back where they go. His room is the go to place for him and his sister to play – probably because he has all the best toys! This means that his room is usually the messiest in the house. We usually clean up him room before his nap or before bedtime, and he is usually very helpful. One tip I would recommend is that everything has a specific place. That way they know exactly where toys go! He has bins for his trucks, stuffed animals, balls, and blocks and he knows which bin goes where. My husband thinks it’s a bit much but it makes the OCD part of me very proud!

involving children in household chores with hefty

3.. Cleaning Out Clothes

Kids grow so fast, so we usually switch out his clothes when he is grown out of them. We live in the Midwest, so we usually have to switch out to summer or winter clothes anyways. Like I said, I like our house to be organized. As soon as the next season comes and they are grown out of their clothes, the clothes get locked up and put in the basement. I like to use Hefty tall trash bags for this. My son will either hold the bag or throw the clothes in the bag. But his absolute favorite part is to drag the bag out of his room. Usually I would be worried about the drawstring tearing, but since Hefty Ultra Strong trash bags have a break resistant grip drawstring, I don’t have to worry about that!

involving children in household chores with hefty

I will admit that it’s not always fun to let my son help. Yes it would be much faster to do it myself and it would definitely be easier. Hopefully allowing him in the household chore will help teach him responsibility, so I try to let him help as much as I can. Although, recently my son has been wanting to help hold his cup while I pour his juice, and I haven’t been letting him because I normally don’t feel like cleaning up a mess! Maybe I will let him start “helping with that one soon”…maybe.

I would definitely recommend that you check out Hefty Ultra Strong Trash bags if you have any aspirations of letting your children help around the house too! Be sure to download the Hefty coupon to save $1.00 off your next Hefty Ultra Strong purchase for ultra savings!

involving children in household chores with hefty


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