my daily and weekly blogging scheduleI am a very organized person. So once I figured out what I needed to do for my blog and my social media accounts, I wanted to get a blogging schedule set right away. I talk more about some (completely free) tools I use for blogging here. However, since I am a work at home mom, my actual schedule needs to have some flexibility. Instead of creating an hourly schedule (which would make the OCD part of me super happy), I need to just keep a list of tasks to be done each day, and cross them off when I am able to. I usually have a small block of time in the morning when the kids play together and about 1-2 hours during nap time. After the kids go to sleep, I clean up the house and get to work until midnight.

Daily Blogging Schedule

  • Record social media stats
  • Reply to blog and social media comments
  • Respond to emails when I am finished with everything else and also throughout the day
  • Check on my collaborations – double check if there is anything that needs to be posted

Weekly Blogging Schedule

  • Write new blog posts – this includes creating images and scheduling the post
  • Chore threads 1-2x a week
  • Schedule posts on all social media channels  (Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter) – I try to schedule a couple days out so I don’t have to do this every day. 
  • Look for new accounts to follow on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter – I usually pick one to focus on each day
  • Respond to comments, retweets, etc. on Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Stumble new pages
  • Pin to board booster
  • Look for new group boards
  • Take any new pictures for blog posts or for sponsored posts

Even with this blogging schedule, I was still having a couple issues. One of those was keeping track of where I had shared my post – especially stumbling it or sharing it on group boards on Pinterest. So I made this blog post checklist and it has helped me out so so much! (Did I mention I love checklists??)

daily blogging schedule and free blog post checklist

It basically reminds me about a couple of key things when creating a blog post (link in your post, call to action, etc.), as well as reminding me where I shared it. I also added a section on whether it could be expanded into a series so I can add notes if I ever want to do more with that. I am also a contributor to a couple other websites and I use this checklist as well. A lot of those website allow me to repost the article on my website after a certain amount of time, so I added a line so I can keep track of when I am allowed to repost it on my blog. I have a bagillion of these printed out and I literally fill one out for every blog post and it helps me feel so organized!

If you want the checklist you can download it below!


my daily and weekly blogging schedule