diy gold glitter candle birthday

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I am going to be super upfront and let you all know that I am not crafty, at all. It takes all the patience in me to color within the lines so I pick my DIY’s very carefully. I thought this gold glitter candle was easy, which means that everyone will think it’s easy.

My daughter recently turned one, and her colors are pink and gold. When I was looking at inspiration photos I decided I had to have a gold glitter candle for my daughter’s smash cake. At first I looked locally, because I absolutely hate paying shipping, but I couldn’t find anything close to what I wanted. Then I looked online, and I did find some gold glitter candles on Etsy. Some of them were reasonably priced, but then you add in shipping costs and it becomes really hard to justify paying that much for a candle.

All of a sudden I thought something that I never EVER think. I thought, “I will just make it myself”. And that’s how this all came about. So here is the breakdown:



Edible Glitter

Mod Podge

I got a #1 candle, obviously. I would recommend the kind that comes on a small stick so it will be easier to hold and put the glitter on but it doesn’t really matter. And Mod Podge. Easy peasy. The hard part was finding the edible glitter. After you make your candle, it will still shed glitter, everywhere. Your candle is most likely going to be on a delightful baked good that people are going to eat, so I would advise that you get edible glitter. This edible glitter would work.

diy gold glitter candle birthday

You can see my super crafty tools – a cookie sheet, a spatula, and wax paper. I warned you that I wasn’t crafty!

I applied the mod podge on one side of the candle and dumped glitter on it. Then I turned it over and did the other sides. There were a lot of different angles that didn’t get done properly which is where my handy dandy spatula came in. I had to do another coat and I applied it on just the places that weren’t covered.

This next part is very important – let it dry for at least 24 hours and do not touch. You also need to stick it in something so it’s not laying down because that will take off the glitter. I may know this from experience. You should soon have a great looking glitter candle!

I keep mine in a plastic baggie because, glitter everywhere. I thought it would be kind of cool to have glitter everywhere but my husband wasn’t too keen on the idea. Fun sucker. We used it once for my daughter’s actual party and we are going to use it again this week for the pictures!




diy gold glitter birthday candle









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