This year I was taught a lesson. By my 1.5 year old. I learned that it truly is better to give than to receive.

While this year is not my first Christmas with kids, it is the first Christmas with kids old enough to realize what’s happening. My son was 6 months old last year and his favorite “gift” was the box his clothes came in (and let’s be honest, his clothes were more of a gift for mommy anyway). I have never been much of a Christmas person. I’m not really into getting gifts that you probably wouldn’t have picked out yourself and pretending you like it. Yes, I was kind of a grinch. But this year, I wasn’t prepared for how excited I would be for Christmas! I have been planning my son’s Christmas gift for months and I couldn’t wait to see his face on Christmas morning.

If it’s possible, I think he was even more excited than I thought he would be! We got my son a ball pit with a slide going into it. He didn’t know what to do with himself. Although we also experienced our first time Christmas fail. We showed him his ball pit first and then he wouldn’t open his stocking or any other presents. Next year we will definitely do the big gift last!

When all was said and done, I guess the part that surprised me most was how much joy I felt giving someone a gift without receiving anything in return. That day was completely about someone besides myself and it was probably the best Christmas I’ve ever had. Children definitely have a way of changing you and everything you thought you knew. Who knew my 1.5 year old could teach big, bad mama a lesson?