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My son loves cereal. He wakes up every morning and asks for cereal breakfast. He even asks for it at night sometimes when he doesn’t like what’s for dinner…which is often. He used to be such a good eater, but since he is now a big two year old, he only eats fruits and vegetables when it suits him. I have tried so many things to get him to eat healthier options but haven’t had much luck.

One snack that my son really like is yogurt with cereal in it, mainly because of the cereal. I’ll throw cereal into anything even remotely healthy if it means he will eat it. Someone was telling me about a cereal shake they made for their toddler, and I just knew I had to try it. I even added spinach to the shake so I knew my little would be getting good nutrients.


3/4 cup Post® Mom’s Best® Mallow Oats 

1 Cup Vanilla Ice Cream or Yogurt

3/4 cup Spinach

I made it with vanilla ice cream this time, but I will definitely try yogurt next time. My kids usually love yogurt and it will make it a little healthier. Add the items to a blender with some milk and blend until smooth. I let my son add a little more cereal on top and pick any color straw he wanted. He was very excited about trying the shake! He took his first sip and his eyes lit up! I think the marshmallows in the Post® Mom’s Best® Mallow Oats  gave it a good flavor. Plus, it had cereal in it and on it so I knew he would like it.

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