no i wont put on my swimsuit

After having two kids in 15 months, my body is in a less than ideal shape. I know it doesn’t help that my favorite drink is Mountain Dew or that my favorite snack is chips, but I didn’t have any trouble staying in shape before kids, so I would prefer to place the blame on pregnancy this time.

As a college athlete, I have spent a good portion of my life working out and I have the body to show for it…or at least I used to. I’m not sure if it’s because I am carrying a little extra weight this summer, but it seems like this positive body image movement is everywhere I look. Magazines are asked to show women with real curves and moms who may have some extra baby weight are being urged to “just put on that swimsuit”. I think it’s a great message and I thank everyone for their encouragement. However, I will not be putting on my swimsuit this summer.

The common piece of encouragement for new moms that I hear too often is, “it’s okay, no one cares what you look like”. Sorry, but that’s not very encouraging to me. I love you all and I mean this in the nicest way possible, but I don’t care what you think. What a random guy at the beach will think of me does not play a factor in my decision to not wear a swimsuit. The only opinions I do care about are my husband’s and my kids’, and neither of them would notice if I wore a bikini or a parka. Although they would all notice if I forgot to pack snacks.

However, just because I am going to be wearing shorts and a tank top this summer doesn’t mean I won’t be enjoying the gorgeous sunshine with my kids! Read more about trying to be supermom here. I love setting up the sprinkler in the backyard and going crazy with my kids (and our hyper dog). I already have our first beach trip of the summer planned, and I’m so excited that it will be the first beach trip ever for my eight-month old. Will she enjoy splashing in the water or feeling the texture of the sand? I’ve already purchased four different kinds of sunscreen (yes, the toxic kind) and you better believe I will be slathering that death cream on both kids while I inspect their bodies for any sign of sunburn. Believe me, I’m prepared and excited for a full summer with my kids, but I won’t be wearing a swimsuit.

I won’t be wearing a swimsuit, but I am not going to waste my thoughts on what other people think.

I won’t be wearing a swimsuit, but I won’t be missing out on my daughters first time at the beach.

I won’t be wearing a swimsuit, but I am going to enjoy every smile on my kids’ face.

Shouldn’t I love my body the way it is to teach my daughter about positive self image? Really? Do I need to wear a bikini to teach my daughter to love herself? Um, no.

My daughter is going to learn to love herself when my husband and I tell her how beautiful she is, on the inside and outside. And she is going to learn to be confident when we show her that she is capable of doing anything she sets her mind on.

Yes, I realize my stomach rolls are the result of growing life.

And I am all too familiar that the stretch marks I earned were the cause of being pregnant 18 out of 24 months.

But that doesn’t mean I feel comfortable with these changes. When I’m throwing my daughter around in the pool, I don’t want to worry about my soft stomach showing and I don’t want the thought of my flabby thighs to stop me from chasing my son across the sand. If I was wearing a swimsuit, those thoughts would enter my mind, and I know it’s wrong, but they would probably stop me from having a blast with my kids.

Honestly, I don’t care what you wear while you play with your kids and you probably don’t care what I think anyways. Wear your swimsuit, wear your tankini, or wear a tank top and shorts. As for me, I will make sure my kids are having the time of their life while not wearing my swimsuit.


No, I Will Not