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The Perfect Item For Busy MomsAs a mom of two, I feel like I need to bring so much “stuff” with me when I go out. Now that my kids are officially toddlers it seems like it’s not quite as bad, but when I had a one and a two year old I could fill our whole trunk when we went out for the afternoon. I was actually just teasing my husband because we went over to Grandma’s house for Easter, and we actually did fill our whole trunk. Granted, we did bring a pack and play for naps, food for lunch, and goodies for the Easter egg hunt, but our whole trunk was literally full! When we took pictures for our daughter’s first birthday shoot, we have even more things!

I remember having a new baby and a one year old. It took longer to get all the stuff around and get out the door than it did to actually run the errand. As a breastfeeding mom, here are a couple things I always made sure to have in my diaper bag: nursing cover, carseat canopy, shopping cart/highchair cover, baby blanket, and I would make sure I’m wearing something easily accessible in case I needed to breastfeed asap. Well what if I told you that I found a single product that does all these?? Spoiler alert, I have found it, and it’s amazing.

The Perfect Item For Busy Moms

If you want to check it out, it’s called the Cardimom. I encourage you to check out the site and look at everything this cardigan can do! I will explain a little more in detail and I’ll also let you know my favorite things to use it for.

First off, it’s a cardigan — and it’s super cute. I wear a ton of cardigans. They can dress up normal shirts or give you a little extra covering which I love. I really love this because even when I don’t need a breastfeeding cover and a shopping cart cover, I can still use it as a cardigan. I am actually in the middle of getting rid of all my baby stuff (crazy, I know), but I am definitely not getting rid of this.

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I am no longer breastfeeding, but this Cardimom is the most perfect nursing cover. I wore a lot of tanks since they are so easy to breastfeed and this cardigan is perfect for just throwing over a tank top. And then when your baby needs to eat right this minute (because isn’t that always how it works?, you pull the back over and it turns into a nursing cover.

The Perfect Item For Busy Moms

Since my babies are toddlers now, I think my favorite function of the Cardimom is to use it as a shopping cart and high chair cover. I’m usually not too worried about germs. I know that kids are going to eat dirt and lick tables. But for some reason, shopping carts gross me out. Especially once the kids start putting their mouth on them! I just start thinking of how many people have touched that cart. Gross. So I do like to carry this with me for shopping cart or also the high chair when we go to restaurants.

The Perfect Item For Busy Moms

On the website there are actually 14 uses for this one item!

  • Shrug cardigan no need to wear a scarf, can be converted into a poncho with just a turn of the collar
  • Poncho that can be belted, knotted, or worn flowy with dresses, skirts, & jeans
  • Nursing Cover – the generous neckline makes it easy to nurse discreetly allowing baby some shelter to latch effectively. Mom’s scent comforts baby beyond belief!
  • Yoga/Barre/Pilates Coverup – show-stopping leggings are our fave but a stylish cover up is sometimes necessary. It’s a great cool down/meditation cover and neckhole doubles as an open back vent
  • Hooded sweater – caught in the rain or cold? Simply put the shrug collar over your head and protect your blowout!
  • Maternity Cardigan – the open front means you can wear this cardigan through your blossoming months
  • Maternity Poncho – this flattering draping poncho looks great both before during and after pregnancy
  • Babywearing Cardigan – the neck hole in cardigan mode allows you to wear this over your carrier both in front and back modes
  • Infant Car Seat & Stroller Canopy – you can drape your cardigan over your car seat to envelope baby with your comforting smell, getting them to sleep faster
  • Blanket and Lovey – a Cardimom on hand can keep baby warm on the go
  • Grocery Shopping Cart or Highchair Seat Cover – baby’s legs go through the neckhole when placed in the seat as a last minute cart cover

What if I told you that I found a single product that acts as a Nursing Cover, Car Seat & Canopy, Baby Blanket, Shopping Cart & Highchair Cover and more??

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