National Adoption Day is an important day in my family.

I am adopted.


Well…kind of. My mother was a single mother with just my brother and I until she met a guy when I was 3 years old. Eventually they got married and he became my dad and ended up legally adopting my brother and I. If my parents wouldn’t have told me that he wasn’t my biological father, I would have never known the difference. I have always and still do consider him my real dad. It’s not blood that makes you family, and my family is living proof of that.

That’s not the end of adoption in my family.

When I was younger my parents would take in foster kids. We had kids of all ages and usually they didn’t stay for very long. In 2001, we took in 2 sisters. They were 6 weeks old and 1.5 years old. The family situation was really bad so they were in our home for a while. They had 5 older siblings that were already in foster care but their families couldn’t take in anymore children. Their only choice was to separate the siblings. About a year later they had a little brother and my parents were asked if we had room in our home for one more, and of course they said yes! A week later we had a 2 week old boy join our family. Eventually their mothers situation got so bad that all the siblings were put up for adoption. We had built such a close relationship that the only choice in our minds and our hearts was to adopt these 3 children. I’m so thankful they are my siblings and I couldn’t have pictured a life without them!

To add one more into the mix, my husband little sister is also adopted! To say adoption is important to my family would be an understatement and I’m thankful for everyone who has changed the life of a little one by choosing to adopt.

Happy National Adoption Day!