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So who am I?

Well, my name is Bre Richey. I have been a pastor’s wife since 2011 and a mom since 2014.

Before actually becoming a pastor’s wife, I had this picture in my head about what pastor’s wives are like. They were always well dressed and put together. They were so friendly and nice to everyone. They volunteered for pretty much every ministry.

They were perfect.

With this image in my mind, it’s no wonder that I was nervous to become a pastor’s wife. I am not usually well dressed. I am an introvert and struggle to converse easily with strangers. I’m not as selfless as I should be. I felt like I wasn’t good enough and there are days when I still feel like I’m not good enough to be a pastor’s wife.

Before actually becoming a mom, I never thought I would want to be a stay at home mom. I enjoyed leaving the house every day and I enjoyed reaching goals in my professional life. However, God placed a different desire in my heart once I became a mom. And believe me, becoming a stay at home mom was hard. Yes it was hard taking care of another human being, but it was also hard feeling like I had no purpose.

I felt lost and useless and like I wasn’t enough.

I wasn’t enough as a mom, as a wife, or as a follower of Jesus. How can God use a stay at home mom? How can God use me as a pastor’s wife. What is my purpose?

I figured if I feel like this, there has to be others that feel like this too, right?

Are you a pastor’s wife who struggles to live up to the expectations?

Are you a mom who questions if God can use her?

Maybe you are someone in between.

That’s exactly what this blog is about. I want to help YOU dig deeper into God and explore His purpose for you.