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I’m spending entirely too much time looking up the best gifts for a two-year-old (since I will have a two-year-old in a week), and figured I could spare everyone else the hours upon hours I’ve wasted and share what I have found! It’s so weird how I get so excited about buying them presents, but I think I’m really just excited about seeing my kids happy. If they are happy, I am happy. And I hope playing with these gifts make my son as happy as I was to buy them for him!

1. Water Table

water table

My son loves to be outside and he loves playing in water so I know this is going to be a hit. The only thing I’m nervous about is getting him to come inside!

2. Mega Bloks

mega bloks

You can’t go wrong with some Mega Bloks. I am actually surprised we don’t have any yet! My son plays with these at church and absolutely loves them.

3. Peg Puzzle

peg puzzle

I think puzzles are going to be great for learning as my son and daughter are getting older so I figured we might as well start a collection now!

4. Roll & Bounce Tower

Untitled design (12)

We actually aren’t getting this for my son, (we gotta draw the line somewhere), but he plays with it at church and has so much fun!

5. Book Set

Untitled design (13)

My son loves all the books right now so we are definitely going to be adding to our collection.

6. Potty Chair

Untitled design (9)

I know it needs to happen eventually, but I am dreading potty training. My son is obsessed with the potty (weird, I know), so I figure we should start potty training soon!

7. Train Table

Untitled design (10)

This is another item that we aren’t getting my son for his birthday, but I was so close to buying it! I’m thinking maybe for Christmas!

8. Sidewalk Chalk

Untitled design (11)

This is a staple, especially for summer!

9. Ball Pit

Untitled design (14)

So this is something we already own, but I had to tell you about it because my kids absolutely love it. I can’t tell you how much I get down when they are playing in the ball pit. Don’t tell anyone I told you, but it’s totally big enough for you to get in it too!

10. Ball Pit Balls

Untitled design (15)

And of course the balls for the ball pit. You will need a lot because they will end up ALL over the house.


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