Brooklyn _ 14#1398

That’s me. The worst mom in the world.

Last night was a super rough night for my daughter. She basically spent the ENTIRE night on one of our chests. Oh and did I mention I’m sick? Yup, I’m pretty sure it’s strep. It was very frustrating. I couldn’t help but think (and verbally declare multiple times) that I had the worst daughter in the entire world. At one point, I seriously considered putting her in her room, turning off the monitor, and just letting her cry until she eventually fell asleep. I obviously didn’t. But it was definitely a thought.

Eventually morning came, and after I had gotten out of bed and drank some tea, I started to think a little clearer. Then I began to remember and regret all the awful feelings I had about my gorgeous baby. I was almost in tears. To make it worse, she woke up and had one of the biggest poops of her life. You guys. She just wasn’t feeling good! My sweet little girl wasn’t feeling well and I was just thinking about myself. Cue waterworks from mama. To this day I still want to be cuddled when I don’t feel well — I can’t even imagine how a helpless baby feels! Man did I feel like the worst mom ever.

You better believe that sweet babe got all the mama cuddles she wanted today! On a funnier note, when I was telling my husband about how I thought we might have the worst baby in the world, his reply was that he didn’t think she was the worst… Maybe like fourth or fifth! I love my daughter and I’m so thankful God brought her into our lives. And I’m thankful for a husband that tries to make me laugh in less than ideal situations!